The Party Favor You Didn’t Know You Needed (That You’ll End Up Buying For All Your Friends)

I always love hosting parties.

Scratch that — every woman in my bloodline loves hosting parties. I grew up going to over-the-top parties at grandma’s house. She passed on her knowledge of food, music, ambiance, and signature cocktails on to my mom, who (of course) passed them on to me.

I love how the smallest touches make a big impact at any gathering. So, for a Hawaiian-themed backyard BBQ, I shopped around online for tiki torches to light up our patio.  

But what I found was even better. 

I found TikiTunes — the portable, cordless bluetooth speaker that looks just like a real tiki torch. It was the perfect, finishing touch to our party.

I knew I made the right decision when amidst the plate-passing and storytelling, one of my neighbors asked, “Where IS that music coming from?!”

She almost dropped her plate when I replied, “From the torches!” She had no idea that they weren’t real tiki lanterns.

Why TikiTunes is the Perfect Party Prop Missing From Your Gathering

Beyond the fact that TikiTunes are just so stinking cute, here’s the number one reason I love them: The only elevate — rather than downplay — your party ambiance. 

I bought five TikiTunes, paired them together, then perched them atop our patio railing. Not only did we have outdoor mood lighting across our patio, we had SURROUND sound.

Each TikiTune lantern pairs together, all playing from the same playlist on my phone. I could control the lighting and sound effects straight from my pocket. I never had to stop mingling with my guests to change the tune. 

Plus, with each bluetooth speaker lasting for six hours (or more), we had the music blasting all night long. After the party, I just brought in each speaker to charge overnight.

I can’t tell you how much I love these things!

I Use My TikiTunes for Almost Every Gathering

I bought TikiTunes for just one backyard gathering. But now, I use TikiTunes for almost every type of gathering you can imagine: 

The Best Way to Pump Up Your Workout 

Since the onset of COVID-19, my friends and I cancelled our gym membership and joined an outdoor bootcamp instead. And while I love outdoor workouts, I hate that there’s no music! 

Sure, the person trainer brings his bluetooth speaker with him, but the sound quality is awful. Plus, you can barely hear it (particularly for those of us positioned furthest away from the speaker). 

And if there was a chance of showers? No music that day! It was so unmotivating.

Finally, I had enough — and brought my TikiTunes with me. With five TikiTunes spread across the field, every athlete could hear perfectly. Plus, since TikiTunes are water resistant, we can still have music when it rains! 

The Must-Bring Item for Every Vacation 

TikiTunes are so lightweight, they travel perfectly inside your suitcase or carry-on.

In fact, I always bring one TikiTunes lantern with me on every vacation. We brought them when we went hiking in Wyoming, when we went to the beach at the Outer Banks, and when we had a family reunion back at my mom’s house.

Lounging on the patio with TikiTunes playing in the background is the most relaxing way to conclude a long day of sightseeing.

The Fun Way to Kick Your Tailgate Up a Notch 

Our family loves college football. My husband is a former season-ticket holder to his alma mater, and while we only make 1–2 games per year, we love to host viewing parties in our home.

No matter if we’re in the stands cheering or back home trying not to throw things at the television, we love to tailgate. Chips and dip? Bring ‘em on. Little weenies? Always smokin’. Beer on ice? You betcha.

And now, our TikiTunes makes the ideal way to add a little flair to our home (or away) tailgate.

The Wonderful Way to Stay Cozy All Winter 

When beach and backyard BBQ season draw to a close and the temperatures drop, we bring our TikiTunes inside.

Hey, we may not have a woodburning (or, any-burning) fireplace, but we do have TikiTunes. We place them around the living room to stay cozy throughout the winter months.

Do we mind that we’re “cozying up” to LED lights and bluetooth speakers rather than a fireplace? Absolutely not! 

TikiTunes is the Must-Have Gift for Every Host or Hostess

Now that I own them, I can’t imagine throwing a party without TikiTunes.

After I received so many compliments from friends, neighbors, and relatives, I started giving TikiTunes away as gifts. Plus, since my oldest is now a senior in high school, you better believe I’ll send her away to college with TikiTunes. 

What!? I want her to be the star of the tailgate.

TikiTunes come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty. If you’re not completely delighted by the way they jazz-up your party, simply send them back.

For the best sound, best ambiance, and best lighting for your party, try TikiTunes today.