Stuck at Home? This Product Will Transport You to a Tropical Paradise

Being stuck at home is … challenging.

Schools are out, and yet, we can’t take our summer vacation. And sure, the refunded airfare was a welcome bit of extra cash, but watching our week at the beach slip away?

That was less welcome.

After being stuck at home for nearly a month, everyone in my house was starting to get antsy. So, I started to look around for something that could have us all singing a different tune — something like TikiTunes.

What Is TikiTunes?

TikiTunes is a beach vacation in a Bluetooth speaker. Unlike the boxy Bluetooth speakers that are a blight on your bookshelf, TikiTunes blends seamlessly with your indoor and outdoor decor.

This portable speaker is designed to look like a tiki torch. In addition to syncing with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to play your favorite tunes, TikiTunes features a flickering LED light that looks just like a candle on a breezy beach night.

So, purchasing this award-winning product was the first step toward creating a resort ambiance in my backyard.

The Next Step: Setting Up the Speakers

(Check out this video to learn more about pairing TikiTunes!)

I ordered two TikiTunes speakers because one lantern does not make a resort, and because, with two, you can sync them together to create stereo sound.

I was a little worried about the added difficulty that might come from trying to sync the speakers to each other and my phone. But, I was surprised by how easy the speakers were to set up.

All I had to do was turn on one TikiTunes speaker, wait for it to say, “Ready to sync,” then turn on the second speaker. Once the second speaker was on, the two synced automatically. I know they were ready when they said, “TikiTunes connected.”

After the speakers had synced with each other, I just had to sync them with my phone by going into my Bluetooth settings and selecting “TikiTunes.”

I have an Android, but my husband has an iPhone. TikiTunes synced seamlessly with both. In fact, we haven’t found a Bluetooth enabled device in the house that doesn’t work with TikiTunes. And, the speakers can sync from up to 30 feet away.

Let the Music Play

Now that I had the speakers set up, it was time to get our backyard beach party started. We mixed up a few tropical drinks for my husband and me, blew up a kiddy pool, and put together some games for the kids.

I placed the TikiTunes speakers on our porch railing so both my kids playing on the lawn and my husband and I sitting on the porch could change the music or adjust the volume. TikiTunes is water- and dust-resistant, which came in handy when our daughter ran up soaking wet to press the buttons.

The Sweet Sounds of Stereo Speakers

We played our favorite Caribbean music to match our tropical evening, and I was impressed with the sound quality. TikiTunes has a 5-watt speaker. For a small size, it offers big bass and an incredible midrange.

The speakers have a built-in rechargeable battery. They come with a USB Micro cable, which makes it easy to charge them from one of the USB stations we already have. With a single charge, we’ve been able to play music for six hours.

Music has become our favorite escape during our evenings and weekends stuck at home. And TikiTunes has filled our house with great, long-lasting sound.

But, That’s Not All TikiTunes Does

Music isn’t the only reason we use TikiTunes. The LED light works with or without music. So even when we want a quiet evening in, we still set out TikiTunes.

The LED light gently flickers like a candle, so I’ve made these speakers the centerpiece of our dinner table and set them on the coffee table to create a cozy atmosphere in the living room. It’s made our home feel more like a sanctuary than a penitentiary.

With TikiTunes, We Don’t Feel So “Stuck” at Home

TikiTunes’ imaginative design helped transport us to the exact place we wanted to be — but from the comfort of our home. All it took was a little light and a little music, and our house went from being a place we wanted to leave to a place we’re happy to stay.

You can create the same atmosphere in your home, risk-free. These speakers come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year limited warranty. And right now, TikiTunes is running a special offer for us all. So, it’s easier than ever to try the product that won the 2019 Editor’s Choice Award from Innovation and Tech Today.